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Is justice easily available to the aggrieved persons, victims? Not at all. #letthetruthprevail #neelam4justice #satymevjayatey compelled Neelam M. Singh, to take the causes of the needy and voiceless, hapless humanity. Her studies in legal arena, helped her to understand the in depth understanding of failure of laws to reach to the common man! Lady Justicia's principles of fearlessness and impartiality became the guiding principle for her to take causes of : personalities, issues and agendas!


Legal Philanthropy is a sacrifice of one's time and money. Passionate about environmental issues!

Environmental protection, solutions are on top charter of the Author. She raised her voice through her columns, programmes on Doordarshan and by mingling with people at the ground level.  Senior citizens and their neglect by materialistic families, unnerved the sensitivity of Neelam M. Singh. She is working on this humanitarian issue, to give protection and dignified life to senior citizenss in India.

While the growth of cross-border philanthropy is impressive, the legal environment and other factors have limited global philanthropy from reaching its full potential. Indeed, “philanthropic" institutions are not functioning optimally, constrained by policies, accepted practice, legal and structural limitations,” says the ever ebullient, crusader Neelam M. Singh.  Global philanthropy is also impeded because some countries constrain the development of civil society, to give optimization to human beings. 
In past three decades the crusader in Neelam has given justice to millions of people, to lead a comfortable, purposeful life. Some glimpses are reflected in this chapter of Legal Philanthropy. World over environmental issues, precede all nation's economies. Lets join hands to serve the universe, by protection of natural resources. 

Legal PhilanthropyEco friendly autos are introduced in the inner premises of Punjab and Haryana High Court. Neelam M. Singh contributed in this project.
Legal PhilanthropyNeelam M. Singh took the cause of ten trade unions, against Police highandedness and had mediations with authorities and the victims. This is Philanthropy, serving the needy !
Legal PhilanthropySh. Prabhu Nath Singh, Environmental Scientist and Philosopher, dedicates his life as Eminent Citizen, in service of common man. Antyodaya !

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